Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Colombo Ride 3D Mobile Game

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This is not about the current trend of slapping 3D on everything these days. Not that they are doing any bad (Eg: Piranha 3D, My Bloody Valentine 3D), however this post is about a mobile phone game developed by a Sri Lankan company.

When not trying to get articles on time for diGIT (free online IT magazine) from people like me, Gihan Fernando does other interesting things like running quite a few operations related to publishing, educating and much more including gaming. One of his teams creations is the "Colombo Ride" mobile game.

The original version which came out in 2008 had already seen quite a following and so had the version 2 which was released in 2009. To be honest, I've not played any of the versions. But from what I've heard both had special competitions organized to promote giving away prizes including mobile phones.

Gihan now informs that the 3rd incarnation of the popular game named "Colombo Ride 3D" is ready to hit the shelves (I mean your phones) in July. In fact there's a competition going on to promote the new launch, which will giveaway a shiny Nokia 5230 phone for the winner plus many consolation prizes. So read the rest of the post and then head directly to the website to find out about the prizes. :)

What we hear is that the UI would be in Sinhala and there's also a voice instructor to point the player to the destination. The popular commentator and presenter Palitha Perera is to be that voice.

Players would be delighted to hear that the multi player mode is available as in the version 2 plus with the option to select the vehicle from a different choices, including the police car. This reminds me of the old PC classic GTA2 (minus the thieving, mugging and shooting). ;)

Well, I as maintain I haven't played much mobile games. But this seems to be a good time to play some. I'm guessing it'll be fun to drive (virtually) through the familiar road of Colombo and find popular locations. The setting alone must make it full of fun. So if you couldn't race by BMICH with your friend, this might be a chance for you.

So you might be wondering why I posted this article. Although I'm a bit of a gamer once in a while (big fan of Quake, Doom, Half-Life franchises) I've not posted game related stuff much. So why indeed? Simple. To applaud the efforts by a Sri Lankan company and to create a little buzz for them. It's always interesting to see us pushing the borders. I happen to know about the production, so I though to give a shoutout.

Now you can head to http://games.lk/ to find more about the promotion. And, is it's heard that a competition is planned for once the game is out in the wild.