Sunday, November 15, 2009

Slides from my session at LKRUG October Meetup

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The October meetup of Lanka Ruby User Group was help on 28 October evening. This month also Sameera organized the meetup at Ridgecrest Asia premise with the backing of Sanath (their CEO).

As usual we went with the two technical sessions setup where Sameera took the first session. Unfortunately I could not make it to the first session. However people who were available claim that it was great. Anyone interested can see the slides from Sameeras presentation at Slideshare. The topic was "Agile Software Development with Scrum" by the way.

My session was named "Ruby beyond Rails". It talked about why most of us came for Rails and stayed for Ruby. My aim was to give an introductory background about various Ruby related projects. The session was much generic, but I believe it paved the way for more technical and/or hands on sessions in future.

So here's the slides:

If you have a Slideshare account you can log in and grab the PDF file.

Update: Thanks to the guys at SinhalenFOSS podcast for the mention about the Ruby User Group. We couldn't make it to the last recording session, but we'd love to be there in a future session.


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