Friday, July 11, 2008

Updated: A Simple Diagram on Distributed VCS (Hint: Git)

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This post is an update of a post I made on 29 May. So if you like you can skip the whole post and just download the diagram (PDF/PNG). PDF version looks better.

This is a simple diagram to illustrate the use and the difference of a Distributed Version/Revision Controlling System (DVCS) opposed to a traditional/centralized VCS. The post will target a generic audience and will not include in detail technical information. It will rather be an introduction to the DVCS in general. As you already know that Git is my favorite VCS software and the diagram will also have some reference in that sence.

My purpose of drawing the initial diagram was to explain DVCS (namely Git) to a client. However I wanted to change a few things and here is the results. I didn't think that this is that important to create a new version. But I wasnted to try out Draw as a diagramming tool. The older version was done in Dia. After trying OO.o Draw, I think I'm going to stick with it for most of my diagramming needs. :) Still Dia is another great tool to use. So here is the documet which came out from my OO.o Draw experiement.

If you are interested in learning more about DVCS here is a few links to get started.

Without further delay here is the diagram. You may want to download the (PDF/PNG) file for better viewing.

Here is the original post for your convinience:

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I'm busy these days everybody. Lot of Rails applications to be deployed on Linux hosts with Thin and also Passenger. :) I know, I know I'm delaying the Ruby hosting post again.

Anyway, I don't have much time right now for a full post. Meanwhile enjoy this diagram about Distributed version controlling systems, especially Git. This is intended as an answer to the people who are new to the Distributes VCS and try to understand why everyone is leaving Subversion to jump into the Git bandwagon. :) If you need a wee bit more info about Git, from me, have a look in my old blog post here.

So here it is. Enjoy it while I get back. And.. oh, you might want to view the image in actual size to read it's content. :)

Image Link: Diagram

Update: Ok, this is the second time Scott Chacon beat me to do something and did it way better than I could've done. What to fret? The guy's awesome. :) If you want to have a better view of how Git works I'll beg you to watch Scotts Git video or at least Randal Schwartz's speach at Google tech Talks.

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