Thursday, February 28, 2008

Off to the Hospital

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Well, not right away. My health hasn't been good at all from this 17th. I caught what is suspected as a viral fever on 16th night I guess. Anyway, I couldn't get up on 17th Sunday.

I took medication, took a medical leave on Monday, and got back to work on Wednesday. I wasn't feeling best, but I could go on. I thought my weariness was just aftereffects of the fever. In the weekend I made it to my hometown, and just measured my temperature casually at my parents demand.

Bam! I had over 99.2 F (for those who don't know 98.6 F is the normal for an adult). I went to see a doctor and took medication. I thought it was over.

After that day, I noticed that I have fever in the afternoon, daily. So I met a specialist two days ago, who had me do some tests, which turned out to be OK. But she warned me, if I have temperature in two days, I have to admit.

Well, two days are passed, and I still have fever. So I'm getting ready to go in early tomorrow morning. :)

I've not been idle last week or so. I've worked remotely for office, signed up for new cool things like GitHub and Heroku, but more details have to wait. I think I have to wait a little more before I work on my blogposts I promised,enjoy the post about OpenMoko meanwhile. I guess I have to conclude this post like this, and I'm afraid, it looks like that I have to stay couple of days offline.

Meanwhile everyone, take care. I'll be totally fine, I'm with my parents & brother. Nadee is also coming with her mom. So don't worry about me, just look after the Net until I return.


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