Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'll be Back on This Blog, Very Soon

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I know it's been a while since my last post, but I'm still around despite the rumour that I might have been in Fort Railway Station bomb blast. That's a joke, a very bad and a tasteless one, I know. Shouldn't joke about security (literally). So let me apologize from everyone and convey my condolence to the close ones of all who lost their lives and were affected by recent terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka.

Then let me give this brief note. I've been too busy past couple of weeks (actually months) with a lot of things including my new employment. So I wish to let you know that I'll be back very soon, and I already have a couple of things as drafts. So stay tuned. Good news is that I have loads and loads to say about things (Tech/Non-Tech), especially web servers (Apache, Nginx, Mongrel, Thin, etc.), Ruby, Rails, web hosting (sliced/VPS), rails deployment (Capistrano, etc.), GNU/Linux, Open Source (as usual), Open Source mobile phones (OpenMoko, Android), rants about chain letters, etc., etc...... and why, a few things more about Git. (by which some people call me these days, with my blessing too :)

I even have info about couple of interesting people I talked with lately. One is an Italian Ruby geek and one is a most talented and popular musician in SL. Some long term readers might notice that I'm starting a new blog too (Shout out: Thanks Bo for the inspiration and kind words. My poetry and Sinhala blogging is coming at last), which is going to be bi-lingual and will be about non-geeky things. And I've got twittered too. :)

So thanks everyone for the support so far. It was great to know how many people were actually following my Blog, all because I couldn't blog in a while. :) You can expect a lot of update here after this weekend, after I've finished with some major hauls.

And oh...., Happy Valentines! in advance,.... that's if you are celebrating, of course (unlike me and Nadee). Sorry that I can't try to be funny as usual since I'm busy right now. Even this was squeezed out because a meeting was cancelled. :)

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  1. Thats a very good news gav. come back soon, I admire your poems,want to read them all in a blog,I am a non techie person,the truth is techno stuff is boring for me. But love reading creative write ups.
    Soon !!!