Monday, November 05, 2007

Why I haven't joined MySpace, Hi5, Facebook, etc.

I don't use any of the normal social networking sites and I don't think I'll join any in near future. I possibly more or less not definitely reject the idea that I undeniably do or do not say that I'd never join. If that indeed wasn't what my stand isn't. Ok, apart from the dialogs from Shrek, I have a couple of reasons. If you are not happy with my first reason, then read the second which is the main point. I you are not happy about that either, ........... and then they lived happily ever after! :)

First thing, I don't like to share too much personal info including a list of my friends in a place where all people can see. It's may be not much of an issue for some of you, but I'm going to stay slightly paranoid and steer clear. At least you don't think everyone out there is not as sweet as they pretend (same in the real day to day life), ...... or do you? I noticed that some people tend to reveal,... may be a bit too much personal info (including photos) in social networking sites. Some of these might sound like "STALK ME" to certain individuals. I have seen and heard (at least on the Net) some pretty nasty cases about privacy. Thanks to my studies, lately I got to read about (actually research about) two more nasty cases related to two facets of on-line privacy. They are the infamous Shi Tao incident related to Yahoo (more reasons to not like Yahoo, but sadly Yahoo is not alone) and the Amy Boyer incident which ended tragically. No telling what kind of scum gets to see my personal information online, and what kind of nice people too. :)

I might sound too paranoid to some of you, but hey, it's just my 2 cents. I didn't ask you to do the same. :)

Second and the most compelling reason for me is, I don't feel like joining anymore social networks. :) I'm already a member of some tech groups. For example I'm a member of and of a couple of FOSS related mailing lists. Then I'm a member of deviantART art community too. Add it to my presence in the Blogosphere, I'll have to spend a tad bit more time than I like to manage my online presence. :)

Anyway, it's quite OK to assume that I'd not accept the loads of invitations I receive to join Hi5, Facebook, etc. anytime soon. Thanks you very much, you people (especially Yaj, Prasa, Yash (Yasa), Thiwa, Sibba, Kassa, Lalanka, and the all the others) for sending me invitations. If I decide to sign-up for social networks, you'll be the first to know. There I go..... preaching about privacy and jeopardizing privacy of people who were nice enough to send me invitations. :)


  1. Thank you again for visiting my Art Blog! I just went and checked out Kitaro, love his music, I can see how it would inspire you:) And interesting to note that Paustovsky is Russian, I have a very strong Russian heritage. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts, it means a lot to me to hear how people feel about my art, it is what inspires me to keep painting. Please feel free to leave a comment at any time. All the Best, Megan

  2. He he, same here. I've only joined deviantART and the Sinhala Unicode Group. :)