Friday, November 02, 2007

Back to School

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Well, not exactly. Most of my friends know that I never finished my bachelors. Some of my friends are now doing masters, so I thought that it's high time I finish my bachelors. So now I'm doing the top-up for a BSc (Hons) in Business Computing from University of Wolverhampton, UK. It's an in-country delivery program where lecturers visit us from the Uni. It's a good program and so far I've met a few interesting friends too. And just FYI it's a computer degree, not a management one. Can anyone picture me not doing a computer degree? If you could, you probably don't know me well enough. :)

Nadee always teases me that I could finish my bachelors with our children someday. That picture was not so funny, so I'm keen to finish this on time. For one thing she only entered Uni after I was qualified to do my finals. Now shes in her level 2, while I just started the finals. Hopefully by this time next year I'll be a graduate.

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  1. well this was inspiring reading ;-)