Monday, October 01, 2007 - The Next SourceForge?

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ShareSource is a new site providing hosting facility to FOSS projects. As you might already know, SourceForge is the most popular choice for this type of service. SourceForge (owned by SourceForge Inc, earlier know as VA Systems) is without a doubt the largest FOSS hosting provider. It has been and still continue to be the trail blazer in FOSS project hosting. However I see a lot of promise and potential in ShareSource. Only downside I see is, the name reminds of a Microsoft license. :) ShareSource is maintained by Tim Groeneveld. I guess this is the same Tim Groeneveld who created AgeanLinux (never used it) because now points to It's still way too early to say whether ShareSource can be the next SourceForge, but it's definitely worth watching.

The first thing you'll notice is the faster loading of the site (compared to SourceForge). It's interface is simple and nice, and is fast. ShareSource provides many nice services such as VCS support for Mercurial, Subversion and to my utter happiness (very soon) Git. It provides a release management mechanism, bug tracker and so on. True, it has a lot to catch if it is to reach the SourceForge standards, but ShareSource is improving very quickly. It's only 3 months old roughly and already has more than 90 projects registered.

I liked the site and I'm hoping to give it a try. Honestly, I feel like continuing with ShareSource after seeing the nice and flexible features they provide. So I invite you, all the FOSS developers out there to try too. And let's not forget to give Tim a big round of applause for starting ShareSource where FOSS projects can find a (quality) home for free. Kudos.


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