Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ruby Rocks!, .. Ruby Gems!

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I got Metasploit running ages ago as you may know, and as a result of the prolonged exposure to highly contagious Metasploit 3, I was attracted to Ruby more. I did the Ruby in 20 minutes, then run in the browser lesson. And lo! and behold, I was hooked with Ruby (well, if any of Nadees friends are reading this, I should inform you that Ruby is a computer language. Even she knows that :).

Anyway, I loved the language and the how the OOP concepts are implemented (though I haven't done much with Ruby yet). From what I've seen so far, I have to say,
Ruby Rocks! then I realize that Ruby is not a mere rock (alternate interpretation), then here we go,
Ruby Gems! I don't know how you interpret, but there's an alternate alternate interpretation because ruby has a package format called gems. So Ruby indeed does gem :)

I've found some good reading on the Net about Ruby and especially about web apps with Ruby on Rails. Anyway all of you are to make your own decision. After all I'm the guy who still think C is cooler than C++ (hmm.. perhaps it has something to do with me not being too exposed to c++ :).


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