Saturday, September 01, 2007

MySQL and EnterpriseDB Launched in Sri Lanka

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The two premier Open Source Database Management Systems were officially launched recently in Sri Lanka. While MySQL itself was launched, PostgreSQL availability was in the form of EnterpriseDB, which is not exactly PostgreSQL.

EnterpriseDB Corporation, the maker of EnterpriseDB DBMS (a commercial DBMS based on the advanced Open Source DBMS PostgreSQL), together with a new IT firm called Fossmart announced their partnership on 10th, May to provide EnterpriseDB Advanced Server to Fossmart customers. EnerpriseDB is well know for it's Oracle compatibly, which means applications written to work with Oracle DBMS (worlds leading DBMS) can be used with EnterpriseDB usually with no or little modifications.

MySQL, the popular Open Source DBMS was launched 31st, July in Sri Lanka by hSenid Software International. hSenid will provide MySQL Enterprise Server in Sri Lanka. MySQL, provided by MySQL AB is probably the more popular of PostgreSQL and MySQL.

I personally believe this expresses the awakening of the Sri Lankan IT industry to FOSS in the enterprise front. As people in Sri Lanka may be aware, there are more and more FOSS based software solutions appearing. I'm very eager to see the future and be a part of it.


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