Monday, July 30, 2007

Ant Invasion

I'm being besieged by ants, constantly during the past couple of days. For some odd reason, ants in my home seem to find my notebook computer attractive. Whenever I turn it on and use it, ants (biting red ones, not the harmless black ones) come in a line, get through the space between the lid and the base, walk right over the power button (some over the speakers) and go in through the keyboard. First day I just blew a few. Then I realized that they were really determined. A fair amount of them started to crawl near the computer. The odd thing was they only tried to go in, when it was on. Whenever the computer was switched off, the few who made it in started resurfacing as the computer was cooling down. Was it heat (they should be nuts to seek heat in this climate :) or was it something else? I'm not sure. I was wondering whether it's because I blogged about SugarCRM a few days ago. :)

I've seen what they can do to a keyboard (they literally bites it and takes chews with them). After loosing a PC keyboard due to some spilled biscuit crumbs by a cousin, I was also determined not to let them damage my notebook. After a several tactical moves, and hard defending, I moved everything on the table away, and sprinkled the table with talc (not mine)! I also have a brush ready to defend, in the case of occasional break-ins. It seems to work. I only have a small half-circle shaped DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) around the computer to keep my hands, headphones ans external mouse. It's kind of cool, like working in snow :) when people are not telling me that I've got chalk on my arms.


  1. well, I once had a problem where ants were living in my keyboard... so when i did was took the keyboard out to the balcony and removed everything and cleaned it properly inside out.. then sprayed some Baygon into it and fixed it back.. never had that problem after that...

  2. Thanks for the comments.

    How could you live with all the Baygon smell?

    When I took the old keyboad (which I mentioned in the post) to the balcony to clean, I found that parts of the underlying layer were missing, obviously ant bitten.

    However I'm going to stick with talc. It smells better and is not harmful, not to me, not to ants. :)

  3. And surely you are not expecting me to spray baygon on my Laptop, are you? :)

  4. Some ants are attractive towards static electricity,maybe they are after that