Tuesday, June 19, 2007

LinuxQuestions.org Turns 7 and Member Count Hits 300,000

The popular Linux Community site LinuxQuestions.org (LQ) has turned 7 years old on 17 June 2007. "jeremy" the root annonced this officially on a forum thread. Just within a day, the member count has now reached 300,000!

That's a big number. Community driven sites with 300,000 members, isn't something you are going to come across daily. To be more amazing, the 300,000 count doesn't include members who have been staying with 0 posts. For example, the user 300,052 actually has the uid number of 349,117.

I (SkyEye of LQ) happened to be that enthusiastic member who kept counting (of course by looking at the counter) and announced both the 200,000 and 300,000 member counts. By revealing this I am practically giving up my anonymity on LQ. :) Anyway I'll consider it as a tribute to LQ.

However the distinction of LQ is not just in the numbers. LQ has always been know for the friendly Linux community which was always there to help. Started in 2000 by Jeremy Garcia who is more widely called just by his LQ username "jeremy", LQ remains one of the most popular and most active Linux communities in the Net. I wonder how many have noticed the link and description of LQ in Red Hat site. If the Big Red recommends it, it should be good enough, eh? :) I also bet some of you might have stumbled upon LQ threads while searching the web about your Linux questions. That's how I ended up being a member.

So I'd recommend this site for any Linux geek, wannabe and for people who want to believe. If you know how to ask a question, the answer is just a post away. For all sorts of Linux questions, there's LinuxQuestions.org.


  1. nirmal9:16 AM

    hmm.. interesting. i'd like to try it. usually when i have prob i ask LKLUG, but this might as well be good..

  2. Hi Nirmal, LQ has a very large member base and has a large number of forums where you can discuss your Linux questions. LKLUG is a good place, but in LQ there's more probability of your question getting answered.

    And to Sahar, :)