Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Online on Vesak

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To day despite being the May Day, is also the Vesak full moon poya day, a day with immense importance to the Buddhists all over the world. Think of it as the Buddhist equivalent of X'mas. To day Buddhists celebrated the birth, enlightenment and passing away of lord Buddha, the great one. Anyway, when all the others were out there in the streets and temples, I was right here because I had to try some software very urgently.

I tried Pentaho BI Server and Alfresco CM. Pentaho is the premier Open Source Business Intelligence product while Alfresco is its Content Management counterpart (WebGUI is a very close contender). I have tried Pentaho beforehand, but it was my first experience with Alfresco. Pentaho is a great product. Alfresco seems great, too. But it's too soon to comment on that.

Yesterday I've been playing with Nessus (after updating the plugin set) and Nmap, running them against my new Ethernet router. Results were amazing as usual. Other than that, yesterday was my first experience with so called WebOSes. I heard about Desktoptwo, YouOS and eyeOS. I got to try all except YouOS. It was a good experience and an introduction to a new realm. With all the Ajax buzz going on all around, I'm just beginning to see the possibilities of web applications. Quite a fun ride it was (eyeOS public server had pre-installed Sonic the Hedgehog and Aladdin for users).

Here is a few screenshots to whet your appetite.

This is Desktoptwo running several applications including e mail client, MP3 Player and IM client.

This is eyeOS with an opened window

For anyone interested in more screenshots please visit my Picasa Albums.


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