Sunday, May 20, 2007

Just Another Week

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Just another week. Not with too many interesting things (except a lot of personal affairs), but some troublesome situations which I can smile at as usual. Well, as usual patchy telephones lines caused Net connectivity blackouts forcing me to stay offline much. This was the centerfold of my week.

There were some notable sports events with mix results from my perspective. Shahid Afridi leading Pakistan to victory against Sri Lanka with his impressive brute force :), wasn't my favorite sports event of the week, naturally. My favorite sports event was Chelsea beating Manchester Unites for the FA Cup yesterday. It was Drogba with support of Lampard, got the goal in the 116 minute of the game (extended time) and won the cup for Chelsea. Not to mention, Chelsea is my favorite Football (Soccer, if you prefer) team. United had already won the FA Cup for 15 times or so where this was Chelsea's 4th time. Chelsea is the winner of this years League Cup too. They also ended up the 2nd in Premier League table this year behind United (but with lesser number of lost games).

For anyone who's not familiar with Chelsea, it's a football club with a long history who has taken the domination in UK football arena lately. I've been following their games (whenever I could) since 2003/2004 Premier League which was roughly the time when it started transforming to the team which it is now. Frank Lampard (vice captain) is their super star player, while others like John Terry (captain), Michael Ballack, Hernan Crespo, Claude Makelele, Didier Drogba, Andriy Shevchenko, Joe Cole, Ashley Cole, Solomon Kalou and Glen Johnson are also popular for their brilliance in the field. If you watched Football World Cup (FIFA World Cup) you'll certainly find most of the names sound familiar.

Nothing much else (to include in a blog post) happened, of course other than me working on some software and ICT related projects (I'm going to put more details in a separate post) and Nadee's mother being hospitalized for some treatment (about which I'll not put anymore details :). Up to now her progress is good, so everyone in the families are happy about that. Her discharge from the hospital is expected on Tuesday.

So my personal front have been somewhat hectic (which got worse by catching flu). That may be excuses for my lower activities in Technology front and on the blog. I've kicked back into action since. So I'll post more about the tech stuff soon. I'm glad to inform that I've got some interesting work to do in Open Source software, on which I'm going to concentrate for the next couple of months (more details on a later post). So as usual, stay tuned :)

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