Friday, May 04, 2007

Bad Weather even for Ducks!

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"Bad weather even for ducks" was the term which was used by Arun Dias, who was a presenter at yesterdays ceremony to receive the national Cricket team. He was describing yesterdays bad weather. It was said rain was 121mm during a 3 hour period in Colombo. I didn't think what Arun said was real, not just colourful presenting until I had to reach Colombo from outside today morning using public transportation. What a joy ride it was!

I was out of Colombo and today I had to reach there for some important matter. So I took a bus hoping to get to my destination. It was raining heavily (in fact very heavily) in Colombo. Even before we reached the city limits, we were diverted from the main road to take an alternative route. The reason we learned later was a caved-in on the main road which created a huge crater. So we took the alternative route and joined the traffic jam only to be greeted with frequent lightning. The rest is just history, at least for me :)

For your information I'll post a part of a text message conversation with a friend who asked about what it was like reaching Colombo today. Pardon me for the language here :)

Me: Brush up your swimming skills and prepare your amphibious kit :) It's raining cats & dogs out here.
Thila: You mean I'm screwed if I come there?
Me: If it rains like this.... yes.
Thila: Well, I'm on my way. Guess I'll be screwed then. Nice to know what that feels like :)
Me: :) It's like,... you are knee deep in filthy water, You can't see a damn thing because the heavy rain is beating your face. Traffic is jammed, roads caving in, trees fallen on roads, careless drivers splashing you,.. umbrellas wouldn't hold & you are in a flooded city street, nowhere to go for shelter. Hell, that's not so bad!

Well, that sums up most of the things :) Again pardon me for the language. I was feeling funny (humorous) after traveling 4 hours in wet attire. Anyway it is now known that this bad weather has caused more than irritation. There is a few deaths reported over the country. The most notable two are one lady getting killed by falling and downing in a manhole which wasn't seen because of the flooded road, and another lady getting electrocuted to death due to an electricity leakage into the water.

I usually love rain. But this kind of raining cannot be loved like that unless you are gambling something on it :) I hope the weather will get better soon (weather forecasts aren't too positive though) and life returns back to normal.

PS: By fifth of May disaster management authorities have announced the damage so far by the bad weather is 11 deaths and over 50,000 people displaced all over the country.


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