Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Taprobane GNU/Linux - A Linux Distribution from Sri Lanka

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Few days ago DistroWatch Announced the release of Taprobane GNU/Linux. This is a live CD distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux created by developers of LKLUG (Lanka Linux User Group). Now it has it's own profile page at DistroWatch.

Its really good to see a good Linux distribution from Sri Lanka. The featured release 0.4.1 has several interesting features. According to the DistroWatch announcement it has "X.Org 6.8.2; official NVIDIA driver support out of the box; KDE 3.4.1; 2; Linux; SquashFS and Unionfs; Apache, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Zope, started and stopped from the K-menu; excellent hotplug support; saving data to persistent media; educational software such as Stellarium and Octave."

Here are some other links related to Taprobane GNU/Linux


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