Friday, September 30, 2005

My Light in Hard Times

Another wonderful morning (yesterday) with Nadee. I really don't know how to tell how much she means to me. Her caring and love keeps me up and working.

Do I sound like I'm through a hard time? Well then, I'm not. I'm busy these days. Yes, I mean it. But I'm really smiling and working. I feel very alive, not worn-out. These are the greatest days in my life. All because of the Happiness you bring to me, Nadee.

Nadee, I just can't express how much you mean to me. All I can say is ....,

I love you.


  1. do you know it's good for your health to be in love?

    yeah, for both you guys.

  2. I guess we are learning that by experience :)

    Just for the record we are not new lovers who are mad, we've been together for sometime and we've known each other since our earliest ages. But love simply doesn't deplete.

    Starlizzard, thanks for the comments and wish you'll find the person in your wish list :)

  3. wellwisher3:59 PM

    i know how motivated you feel when you've got a girl behind you, caring for you and loving you. but it's dangerous to rely on her for all your happiness and motivation, since it can prove fatal if something goes wrong. not cause that it will happen, but, well, keep other stuff in your life which would give you a reason to go on besides her. best!

  4. Thank you wellwisher for the comments.

    I know what you are talking about. It's just, I'm not that fresh lover who is dazzled being in love.

    Between us there's a history which no other will ever know. We had our share of parting, sorrow, world intervention and pain and all that. After all we've been through, we just happened to mature enough to be happy :) Only both of us know what each other means to us. That's why we are so happy for finally getting together. We have been through our lives own journeys and our love is what finally made us who we are.

    I'm not commenting more on our love story, :) may be I'll describe it a little more some other day.

    Thank you once again (it's all I can say since all I know is you are a wellwisher :)